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ACUI recognizes the many issues surrounding the use and abuse of alcoholic beverages. While the responsible use of alcoholic beverages is a societal norm and can serve to enhance certain social functions, college union and student activities professionals serve as role models to students, and they must be cognizant of that aspect of their employment.

As an association, ACUI is highly dependent upon income from corporate partnerships and individual gifts, and in cultivating these relationships, the responsible service of alcoholic beverages at private functions is considered important. ACUI also acknowledges that at conference dinners, receptions and other functions attended by members, the responsible service of alcoholic beverages is a general expectation.

This policy for the Association applies to both international and regional activities such as conferences, workshops, seminars, leadership team gatherings, etc. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

I. General
A. Alcohol may be served at Association-sponsored events only with written approval of the CEO.
B. Association funds may be used to purchase alcoholic beverages in compliance with this policy. Such provision is limited to beer and wine only.
C. Association funds may also be used for setup and other fees associated with cash bars at official Association functions. These cash bars may offer beer, wine and spirits.
D. In all instances when alcoholic beverages are served at Association functions, they must be dispensed or served by licensed providers who carry the necessary liability coverage to protect the Association.
E. Alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable expenses for anyone for whom the Association pays expenses.

II. Meals and Special Functions
A. Whenever alcoholic beverages are served in conjunction with an ACUI event or activity, nonalcoholic beverages and food or snacks must also be available.
B. ACUI strongly discourages the provision of alcoholic beverages at any event where a majority of the attendees are not 21 years of age or older.
C. Exhibitors may not provide alcoholic beverages in conjunction with exhibits and displays.
D. If alcohol is purchased by individuals and made available to others, as in a hospitality room at a hotel, college or university, or conference center, ACUI assumes no responsibility or liability. Individuals who purchase alcoholic beverages that are consumed by others should recognize that they are exposing themselves to significant liability, and that such liability is often not covered by homeowner’s or other personal insurance.

III. Recognition
A. References to alcoholic beverage brand names will not be used in naming or sponsorship recognition for any ACUI program or service.
B. The appearance of alcoholic beverage brand names, logos, or trademarks on any mementos, souvenirs, or other items provided in conjunction with an ACUI program or service is prohibited. Similarly, the ACUI name or logo may not be used on any item that could be associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

IV. Compliance
A. Failure to comply with ACUI’s Policy on Provision and Use of Alcoholic Beverages will result in penalties that are in keeping with the magnitude of the offense, including but not limited to suspension of the right to serve alcoholic beverages. Such decisions shall be made by the Board of Trustees with input from the Central Office staff and others who are familiar with the situation, including those who are alleged to be out of compliance.

Updated March 30, 2015