Mission of the Association

Mission, Purpose, Values, Code of Ethics

The Association of College Unions International supports its members in the development of community through education, advocacy, and the delivery of services. 

ACUI’s essential and enduring tenets are core values—a small set of timeless, guiding principles that do not require external justification.  They hold great intrinsic value and importance to Association members, staff and key stakeholders.  Core values are so fundamental, they seldom change—if at all. 

ACUI's Affirmative Action Statement

The Association of College Unions International is dedicated to a policy that fosters mutual respect and equality for all persons in all of its work. The Association, in accordance with its educational mission as well as federal, state, and local laws, does not engage in or tolerate discrimination of any form.

ACUI's Multicultural Awareness

The Association of College Unions International remains committed to a vision to provide programs and services to our membership and the higher education community which actively affirm, embrace, and infuse multiple systems, values and cultures. Driven by principles of mutual respect and common purpose, these qualities combine to define and strengthen the persistence of our future identity as an inclusive, global organization.

Updated April 16, 2013