ACUI's Multicultural Awareness

A Statement of Commitment to and Vision for a Multicultural Organization

Since 1914, the Association of College Unions International has served to advance the educational interest of its members through its programs and services. We embrace our heritage while adapting to the ever constant transformations in the fabric of our association, our profession, and our global community.

Today, our organization, by its very name, structure, purpose and membership, transcends the traditional Eurocentric underpinnings of American higher education organizations. We represent a multitude of institutions, individuals and cultures, linked by our common denominators, yet distinguished by our unique experiences.

The Association of College Unions International remains committed to a vision: to provide programs and services to our membership and the higher education community which actively affirm, embrace, and infuse multiple systems, values and cultures. Driven by principles of mutual respect and common purpose, these qualities combine to define and strengthen the persistence of our future identity as an inclusive, global organization.

To make real the vision, our goal is to enhance the state of inclusiveness within the Association by engaging in ongoing processes:

  1. Systemic acts of inclusion at all levels.
  2. Purposeful and authentic communication across cultural lines.
  3. Constant re-examination of structures, programs and services for inclusiveness.
  4. Removal of all barriers which prevent members from pursuing their affiliation in a manner consistent with their own experiences.



Updated Feb. 9, 2015