2016 Month of Dialogue

Sept. 19–Oct. 14, 2016

Since 1966 when shots rang out at the University of Texas–Austin, campus shootings have become a ubiquitous part of the national landscape. In 2015, fourteen colleges or universities had shootings that resulted in injury or death. At this moment in history, none of us should feel immune to the possibility that something like this could happen at our school.

2016 Safety Dialogue MonthIn October, after the shooting at Umpqua Community College, ACUI CEO John Taylor asked for volunteers to begin processing how ACUI could be involved in solving this national crisis. We hosted various sessions and discussions in New Orleans, and after a successful #WeekofDialogue earlier this year, we are turning our attention to a Month of Dialogue. From Sept. 19–Oct. 14, we want you to commit to hosting events on your campuses that, while emotionally challenging, are critical in this dialogue. Our hope is that you have conversations that are unique to your campus,and meet your community in a place that both challenges them and provides resources on how they can become engaged in this discussion.

We know that this discussion is not an easy one to have so we’re helping to prepare you by constructing prepackaged programs, marketing, and assessment tools. The programs cover a range of topics, including discussing how masculinity intersects with violence; creating your own Run, Hide, Fight video; and discussing how your union might respond after a tragic incident like this occurs. The marketing tools were created to show a unified effort throughout ACUI membership.

As a team, we are asking each of you to participate in some way. Whether it be training your student leaders to better understand and recognize crisis level behaviors or large programs that bring the campus together to talk about building more compassionate communities. Any effort, large or small, is welcomed. Addressing the issues surrounding campus shootings will take a community based, multifaceted sustained effort, and there is no better group than ACUI to lead the charge.

Use #SafetyDialogue to chronicle what your campus is doing this month to create change.

Campus Commitments

The following campuses have committed to hosting activities during the 2016 Month of Dialogue:

Program Resources

The following documents are offered as aides in planning campus Month of Dialogue activities:

Updated Sept. 19, 2016