Safety on College Campuses

Campus shootings are becoming too common for those working in higher education, and there can be no disagreement that college campuses must be safe. Solutions are needed to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are free from physical harm on the college campuses where they work, teach, study, and live. While the issues of guns and violence are vast, throughout the history of the profession, college unions have been at the center of social movements, creating the environment necessary for constructive dialogue.

Certainly there are no easy answers to what will end shooting tragedies on our college campuses. It is through leadership and robust conversations in our college unions that contributions can be made toward a larger societal solution and that a single message can be conveyed—ensuring safety on our college campuses is of the utmost importance.

The Campus Shooting Dialogue Planning Team was created in late 2015 to examine action-based efforts that could be put into place next semester at the annual conference and beyond. As the work of the team continues, we continue to seek interested individuals to join the team.

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2016 Safety Dialogue MonthMonth of Dialogue – Sept. 19–Oct. 14

The Campus Shooting Dialogue Planning Team is sponsoring a Month of Dialogue to promote discussion on college campuses, Sept. 19–Oct.14. Consider ways you can provide one day of programming during this timeframe for your community to discuss campus safety.

More information regarding resources for this day can be found here.

Campus Safety Resources

As you examine avenues for discussing safety on your own campus, be aware of existing resources available on ACUI's website. More will continue to be developed in related topics.


Updated Dec. 1, 2016