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New members join ACUI 2010–11 ACUI Board of Trustees
March 17, 2010

NEW YORK CITY — The Association of College Unions International is pleased to announce that the 2010–11 Board of Trustees officially took office at ACUI’s 90th annual conference in New York City.

New ACUI president Meg O’Sullivan, SUNY–Downstate Medical Center, served the past year as president-elect. She was able to speak to the Association about her vision for her term during the closing banquet at the annual conference.

“I am bringing [my optimistic attitude] along with a love for what we do based on my many years of being a part of this wonderful association,” she said.

As O’Sullivan takes reins as president, four new members join the 2010–11 Board of Trustees. Thomas Lane, Missouri State University, is ACUI’s new president-elect.

“I am excited about and humbled by the opportunity to lead this Association that has given so much to me both personally and professionally,” Lane said.

Prior to being elected president, Lane served as an at-large member on the Board of Trustees from 2007–09. Other past volunteer positions within the Association include: Region 10 director, Region 10 conference chair, and Region 11 host chair.

“Our Association is tremendously blessed with a great amount of talented and passionate volunteers and staff,” Lane said. “And I am greatly looking forward to working together to further define and implement strategies that will help ACUI remain the Association of choice for those involved in with college unions and student activities.”

Wesley Epplin, University of Illinois–Chicago, serves as the Board of Trustees student member-at-large. This will be his first ACUI volunteer leadership position.

“I am very excited to get started,” he said. “I have a great passion about the role college unions have in shaping the campus experience. These are places where student hone their professional and collaborative skills, and I feel extremely honored to be a part of ACUI and the support it offers to unions.”

Jerry Mann, University of North Carolina–Charlotte, joins the Board of Trustees as an at-large member. From 2004–08, Mann served as the international Education Council co-chair for administration, finance, and management—a position he also held twice on the regional level. Mann is honored to be elected onto the Board of Trustees and looks forward to serving the Association once again.

“I want to help guide ACUI though its next strategic planning process and to continue the work of former and current boards to ensure that ACUI continues to be a valued resource to its members,” he said.

Susan Payment, College of Charleston, is also an at-large member. She is both humbled and honored to be elected and is also ready to assist the Association with its strategic plan.

“I see this experience as an opportunity to assist the organization in the application of strategies included in the current strategic plan to meet specific goals and to further develop the vision for the future of ACUI and its membership,” she said. “I also look forward to gaining new insight into an organization that continues to serve as an invaluable resource and support mechanism for the college union and student activities fields.”

Payment served in previous volunteer positions within the Association, including both 2008 and 2007 Region 5 conference host coordinator and a member of the 2009 ACUI conference program team.

These four individuals will join the following current ACUI Board of Trustees members: Don Luse, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill; Meg O’Sullivan, SUNY Downstate Medical Center; Sarah Aikman, Northern Kentucky University; Sharon Silverstein, Suffolk County Community College; and Raymond “Chip” West, University of La Verne.


Elizabeth Beltramini
ACUI Director of Communications

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