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Sally Hammock honored with Butts-Whiting Award
March 17, 2010

NEW YORK CITY — At the Association of College Unions International’s 90th annual conference in New York City, Sally Hammock, associate director for programs at Georgia Institute of Technology, was honored with the Butts-Whiting Award.

“I am deeply honored,” Hammock said. “I have great admiration for so many people I know who have received the Butts-Whiting Award. I marveled at the names that scrolled down the screen when past honorees were listed before this year's award was given. To think that my name will be among them in the future is truly humbling.”

Named after two Association legends, the Butts-Whiting Award honors outstanding leaders within ACUI who have made a significant contribution to the college union and student activities field.

While humbling, it was something that Hammock never expected. Even as she took the stage to accept her award, Hammock was in awe, commenting that she was sure a mistake had been made. But it was not. And presenter Michael Henthorne’s words told the reasons why.

“Our 2010 Butts-Whiting recipient is a student development master,” said Henthorne. “Student development should live at the core of what we all do on a daily basis, but tonight’s honoree is a premier example to the rest of us.”

Henthorne discussed Hammock’s long list of volunteer roles within ACUI. On the regional level, she has served as educational session coordinator, host committee chair, recreational tournament director, and silent auction coordinator; internationally, Hammock has held such positions as task force coordinator, annual conference program team member, and ACUI nominations committee member.

He then went on to mention the endorsement that sticks with Hammock the most.

“Perhaps the most touching description of tonight’s honoree found in the nomination letters is the one that said our honoree is a mini-C. Shaw Smith,” Henthorne said. “It is among the highest compliments that you could bestow on anyone who aspires for their union to be ‘a house of serendipity’ on campus.”

It was in fact the “highest compliment” Hammock has received.

“Like so many others, I loved C. Shaw and was inspired by him,” she said. “ When I was a new professional, he told me that his advising style was not to tell students what to do or how to do it, but to ask them enough questions to help them to make sound decisions and plans, which had a profound effect on my advising style.

“C. Shaw's keen sense of humor, high spirits, approachability—even after he became a legend in ACUI—and genuine delight in the successes of others make being compared to him the highest compliment  I can remember receiving.”

Other words Henthorne saw repeated from Hammock’s nominators included life-long thirst for knowledge, productivity, wisdom, and enthusiasm. And as a friend, Henthorne ended his speech on a personal note.

“Most of all, it is the commitment to students that is the heart and soul of tonight’s recipient, whom I’ve had the great pleasure of calling a friend for the past 22 years,” he said. “So, I can’t help but offer you one of my own observations. It lies in the heart of a quote by Carol Buchner about great teaching and it goes like this: ‘They may forget what you said … but they will never forget how you made them feel.’”

The Association is proud to add Hammock to the list of past Butts-Whiting Award winners.


Elizabeth Beltramini
ACUI Director of Communications

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