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 Committee on Multi-Ethnic Programs (COMP)

The Committee on Multi-Ethnic Program (COMP) originally started when ACUI Executive Committee established a standing committee named the Committee on Minority Programs in 1972. Designed to succeed the then Task Force on Human Resources, COMP represents the continuing commitment on the part of the Association to deal with related concerns of its' membership, with particular emphasis placed on the following objectives: 

  • Accelerate professional development of "people of color"
  • Enlarge employment opportunities for "people of color" at all levels in college unions and activities
  • Develop an inventory of resources to assist college unions in their effort to present programs leading to an appreciation of multi-ethnic cultures
  • Assist planners of international and regional conferences in identifying artists and other resources which represent "people of color"
  • Develop guidelines for the most effective expenditure of committee operating and endowment funds; and for augmentation of these funds

In 1991–92, the Committee on Minority Programs became the Committee on Multi-Ethnic Programs and the Revis Cox Award was created.

Historical Chairs

Ronald Loomis, ACUI President 1973
COMP Chair
Cornell University

Ernie Jackson
COMP Chair 1974–1976
Cornell University

Greer Wilson
COMP Chair 1977–1979
Hampton Institute

Revis Cox
COMP Chair 1985–1986
Virginia Commonwealth

Teresa Drummond
COMP Chair 1991–1992
Cal State University–Los Angeles

Na'im Shabazz
COMP Chair 1992–1995
California University–Hayward

Michael Ellington
COMP Chair 1995–1997
University of Maryland–Baltimore County

Rebecca Parker
COMP Chair 1997–2000
The Ohio State University

Updated March 6, 2013
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