High-Tech Products, High Savings with ACUI Promos

Spread the word the traditional way on innovative products from ACUI Promos. Touchscreen devices are in demand, and so are promotional items that support this addiction to new technology.

ACUI Promos has several high-tech promo items available to make life easier in this high-tech world, and they can be branded with your event, program, or union logo

Mini iPod/MP3 Holder
Item# SM-7523
As low as $1.87 each

I-Tablet Sleeve 
As low as $4.87 each

Translucent Style Pen Combo
Item# RP560
As low as $0.45 each

Gel Pad Case 
Item# SM-3862
As low as $3.83 each

Solar Charger
Item# 31330
As low as $13.43 each

Touchscreen/Texting Gloves
Item# ROI3667 
As low as $1.95 each

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