As students are welcomed back to campus, they will be experiencing new opportunities, new people, and new places. So why not greet them with new promotional items?

ACUI Promos has put together a group of brand new, customizable promotional items that students will find useful during their time on campus. With high-quality suppliers, quick turnarounds, and amazing low prices, ACUI Promos is your one-stop shop for all upcoming welcome events, programs, and marketing efforts.  

Take advantage of your member benefit and save more on new products now!  

iPhone Megaphone Speaker
Item# T-361
As low as $1.84

Dual Bottle Opener 
Item# 2137
250 or more for $0.68

Folding Wallet with
Key Ring 
Item# 292
As low as $1.19

Hand Sanitizer
Item# 9054
250 or more for $0.94

Sharpie® Gel Promotional Highlighter
Item# SGHL
As low as $1.20

Phone Stand 
Item# 137 
250 or more for $0.97

 Ear Buds In Case                   

Earbuds in Case
Item# 2700
100 or more for $2.06

Envoy Messenger Bag
Item# 3105
As low as $2.74

Round Clip with Sticky Notes
Item# 210
As low as $1.12


Multi-Function Carabiner Tool
Item# 5550
100 or more for $2.84

Small Cylinder LED Light with Key Chain
Item# 110
250 or more for $0.67

Sticky Notes and Flags in Pocket Case
Item# 1382
250 or more for $0.74