December dollar deals 

dollar deal 

Hurry! Deals this hot can’t last long! Purchase promotional items for less than a dollar before the end of the year. Take advantage of this year’s sale price on items you’ll use next year for events, programs, or promotions. ACUI Procure Promos gives members a convenient, one-stop shopping opportunity. 



letter opener 

Visor Ice Scraper
Item# 3060
$0.56 for 250 or more


Hershey Kiss Singles
Item# KISSES01 
as low as $0.23


Letter Opener with Sticky Notes 
Item# LO103 
as low as $0.86





Item# SG100
$0.74 for 150 or more

Book Mark Ruler with 
Sticky Flags

Item# 1399
$0.74 for 250 or more


Nonwoven Drawstring Backpack
Item# BG120
$0.85 for 150 or more



4 in 1



4 in 1 Desk Needs
Item# 1641
$0.67 for 250 or more


Jumbo Nonwoven Grocery Tote
Item# BG80
$0.97 for 150 or more


16 oz. Travel Mug
Item# TH16EM
$0.64 for 144 or more


apollo pen 


pizza cutter 

Apollo Pen
Item# WR18P
$0.11 for 250 or more


28 oz. Colored Sport Bottle
Item# BT28CB
$0.74 for 100 or more


Pizza Cutter
Item# HW18PC
$0.74 for 500 or more




 *Prices valid until Dec. 31, 2011