Frequently Asked Questions

See below for responses to ACUI Procure's most frequently asked questions. Inquiries may be directed to or 812.245.2284.

Why ACUI Procure

ROIWhy should I buy from ACUI Procure? 
ACUI Procure sells proven products designed for the higher education environment at prices below other sources. Not only does ACUI Procure help you save money, but the money you do spend is reinvested back into the Association, helping to strengthen the programs and services ACUI offers.  

Why should I order from ACUI Procure when I already order direct from a manufacturer?
There was a time when it was common and smart to buy “direct” from the manufacturer. This time has passed. If the manufacturer sells direct, the pricing is often based only on the volume of the individual project or campus. No one project is larger than the sum of many projects; therefore, manufacturers are compelled to offer their best pricing to a dealer that represents the sales of all ACUI members combined. That is the service ACUI Procure provides as we represent more than 500 members and their common purchasing needs.

Who can use ACUI Procure? 
Anyone on a member campus. If your institution is a member, your whole campus can use the program. Tell your colleagues how they can save money with ACUI Procure.  

Why is my campus not buying from ACUI Procure?
Campuses have been using the same purchasing practices for many years, and ACUI Procure has only been around for the last 10 years. It takes time, a concerted effort, and the creation of vested interest to grow. Talk to your purchasing agents, inform your building managers, and encourage your business managers to consider a smarter way to buy and save. After all, where else can you find superior quality furniture and equipment, advantageous pricing, and a genuine commitment to your Association and profession?  

How It Works

What do I need to do to sign up for ACUI Procure?
If your institution is a member of ACUI, your entire campus is already eligible to use ACUI Procure. In some cases, we may need you to turn in a tax-exempt certificate to ensure taxes are not assessed on the order. If your institution is not a member, find out how to obtain an institutional membership by contacting The savings from one ACUI Procure purchase may cover the costs of your membership. 

How do I use ACUI Procure? 
Using ACUI Procure has never been easier! Simply put, ACUI Procure is like any other vendor, supplier, or store from which you purchase. 

Maximize your savings in three easy steps:

  1. Contact ACUI Procure.
    Use the Quick Quote form, email, or call with the details of the product or service. Be sure to include your name, phone number, brand name—if you have a preference—specifications including size, color, and other pertinent details, and the approximate date of purchase. From this, you will receive a quote.
  2. Confirm the order.
    Once the order details have been secured and you’re ready to move forward, contact ACUI with your purchase order information. You may email it to, fax it to 812.245.6711, or mail to ACUI. We will place the order and have items shipped to you. If installation services are involved, we will schedule those at the time of the order. If you have purchasing authority and your institution does not require a purchase order, you may email us a confirmation to place the order.
  3. Pay the invoice.
    ACUI Procure will send an invoice to the address on the purchase order or to you directly when your order ships. You remit payment to ACUI Procure. You may pay with a procurement card, electronic funds transfer, or check.     

What can we expect ACUI Procure to do? 
ACUI Procure will be the one source for many of your purchasing needs. We will:

  • Consult with you, give you options that will stand up in the college environment, and stretch your budget dollars.
  • Offer quality products that will withstand high use, yet greatly enhance your facilities' appearance.
  • Work within your institution's unique procurement process.
  • Advocate your needs for products and services to the top executives of manufacturers and companies to help them design better and greener products, ready for the campus environment.
  • Negotiate competitive pricing, delivery, and installation services to benefit and create value for you. On behalf of all of our members, we negotiate aggressively but honestly.
  • Operate at a high efficiency to lower operational costs. We share these benefits with you, our members.

Our ultimate goal is to save you time and money so your budget dollars can buy more. If you can get the same product for less, let us know and we will use this intelligence to ensure that ACUI Procure can maintain the lowest price and the highest value for you. Higher sales volume through our group buying program will ultimately equate to lower prices for the higher education market.

Billing Inquiries

Who do we list as the vendor for our purchase order? 
Purchase orders should be made to ACUI Procure as the vendor. All purchase orders should be emailed to, faxed to 812.245.6711, or mailed to ACUI.

How does the billing work?
Once your order ships, ACUI Procure will send the invoice to your accounts payable department or to you, depending on the method in which the order was placed. ACUI Procure will send the invoice via email, fax, or mail. The ACUI Procure invoice includes the name of the supplier, the purchase order number, and the details of the products shipped.

Institutional Policies/Contracts

Our institution requires that we send the item to bid if it is over a certain dollar amount. Can I still use ACUI Procure?
Yes. The ACUI Procure team has many years of combined experience with purchasing procedures, including bids, request for quotation, and quick quote responses in both electronic and hard copy formats. Simply email, fax, or mail us a copy of the bid, or check to see if we are set up as a vendor with your university—chances are, we are already set up and prepared to compete as a vendor. You may also use the Quick Quote feature to obtain an official price quote that you can submit directly to your purchasing office.

Our institution dictates the vendors we are able to use based on the state contracts. How do we use ACUI Procure in this instance?
In many cases, an ACUI preferred vendor is also on state contract. ACUI Procure can help you purchase from these vendors at an equal or better price. If you need assistance in writing the specifications for a product you want to purchase, contact us and we will assist you.

We do a large amount of business with a company that is not an ACUI Procure preferred vendor. How can we get them to become a preferred vendor? 
Give us the name of the company you would like to see become an ACUI Procure preferred vendor, and we will contact them and try to negotiate pricing discounts so all ACUI members can benefit. We are continually looking to provide more options through new corporate partnership opportunities. 


Updated Jan. 24, 2017